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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy belated Xmas
Tons of food with the family and friends during the festive season. On the first Christmas day my family had brunch with Iris's family when I felt up her boyfriend by accident*. Now I stick to staying in bed and reading the Chronicles of Narnia or catching up on Battlestar Galactica to keep out of trouble. Expect more exciting stories when I return to Gomorrah London.

* This can totally happen when you think his arm is the top of the backrest...

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Days before Christmas
Christmas party numero uno (aka "another nail in the coffin of unemployment")was a blast with its bad red wine, mashed potatoes for dinner and garishly dressed co-workers. The hat was a big hit for the people who weren't blinded by it instantaneaously.

Christmas party #2 was a dinner and Secret Santa with friends. The unpacking of presents brought to light the highest amount of edible underwear sets I have ever encountered outside of a sex shop. What did I get? Candles.

Christmas party number three was held by A2. I took TJ who finally managed to visit me after talking about it for 16 months. A2 kept mispronouncing his name and called him "Townsend", which later turned into "Tarzan". Now he insists on being called that way, apparently my other nicknames for him weren't manly enough.

Other moments of shame include getting a Housecleaning Music CD for my birthday, being blamed for a friend's arm injury, TJ telling my most embarassing puke story to my co-workers and getting a non-birthday cake from my department after insisting that they ignore my birthday. I clearly didn't spent enough time sober so now I'm off to Germany to detox.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Deer in a headlight
Crazy Christmas week has barely started and I already wish it was over. On Tuesday I had a five hour lunch with our advertising agency in an Austrian parallel universe populated with cow bells, Wiener Schnitzel and J├Ągermeister.

And there is worse to come: Tomorrow is the technicolor themed company Xmas party. If it wasn't bad enough to pick an outfit from my all black wardrobe for it, my team decided to give the theme a little spin and wear thinking hats. Who says peer pressure is over once you get out of high school? My only solace is that once you don a weird hat, there is little that can make the outfit worse. I predict no kissing under the Mistletoe... unless the turquoise fedora is flashy enough to stun some poor fella.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Giving is better than receiving (because you can be never sure about the receiving part)
Lazy Sunday together with my flatmate S on Camden market which is huge and funky and overwhelming. I found the perfect gift for the Secret Santa I'm doing with some friends next Friday. Nothing puts you into a more festive spirit that nibbling on somebody's chest.

On the other hand, I shouldn't get my hopes up too high. When I shopped myself into oblivion in Cambridge, I also picked up a cashmere scarf for TF, wrapped it in brown packing paper, put it in an envelope and mailed it to him as an early christmas present. My mistake was to also send him a PSP game with it.
Long story short: TF opens the envelope, sees the game, thinks the brown soft packet is packing material and chucks it into the trash without opening it. Now I will never know how the cream colored softness will contrast against his caramel skin but at least I'll have his eternal guilt for throwing away my present.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

The weekend in Switzerland has long gone by but I have been unable to sit down in front of my computer to blog. Why? Because it takes two hands to hold my PSP and unless I'm reincarnated as a Hindu goddess, this makes typing rather difficult. It's a shame that - due to a combination of alcohol and a memory that was not so great to begin with - I only recall fragments of my escapades in London and trips to the mainland but I will try to piece everything together as good as I can (not necessarily in chronological order):

Weekend in Brussels
Visited friend for his birthday party. Mixture of Belgian beer and cocktails put me into bed quite early. Woke up to find myself lying next to said friend whose boxers were lying beside the bed. He still wore his T-shirt and socks and didn't remember how he'd gotten into bed nor why his abdomen was exposed. I myself was still fully dressed. Thank god. Later that day I realized I'd forgotten to pack any spare underwear. Corrected the situation in the closest department store: spent loads of money on my first pair of sexy underwear.

At the Wir sind Helden concert
They rocked, we had fun, I sucessfully hid from Micro Man who had also tickets for the show and stood two meters in front of me. I got an autograph from two band members and kissed the guitarist (on the cheek).

The White House
Do try the Frozen Strawberry Collins there.

Welcome to Hotel Annie
Captain Chaos pretended to visit me but in reality looked at his potential university and met other friends. He gave me chocolate to make up for it. The chocolate was nice.

Walked in the snow with new boots. Got blisters. Bought sneakers. Walked in the snow some more.

Two dinner parties
Initially I cooked for six guests, in the end the Thai curry fed thirteen people. A week later, my friend told me that she was still fantasizing about the curry. This either means that she is seriously undernourished or pregnant. I don't know which is worse.
At the second dinner two big bowls of bread were left uneaten from the cheese fondue. The gang was less bashful about comsuming the available alcohol. The result was that A1 started calling one of our friends "hot Asian tiger" and demanded that he and the Columbian fought for who gets to make out with me before she fell asleep on the couch. Nobody made out with anyone.
When I drifted off myself, my dentist friend suggested I snort instant coffee powder, a remedy to fatigue he intended to apply to himself on the following morning when he would drill holes into people's teeth. From now on, I will book all my dentist appointments in the afternoon.

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