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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Real smooth
The best compliment I could come up for TF today was that he was the least annoying person in Brussels. This only counts as something if you know about my misanthropic streak which he hasn't experienced in its full glory yet so he was quite unimpressed. Good thing I was born as a girl, otherwise I'd never get laid.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Calling old friends
Once we run out of past things to reminisce about, the phone conversations invariably turn to stupid dares that we plan to do when we see each other again (most likely sometime when the sun has cooled down to a small egg-sized chunk of coal as my friends tend to be like me when it comes to the organizational skills department). It's nice to have silly sense-free conversations which don't revolve around work. I've just struck a deal with TJ that I would stand on his balcony stark naked if he did. This promises to be fun (provided that it doesn't get too nippy with the sun all shrunken to a small rock).

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

My master plan of self-improvement
It is time to finally solve every single one of my problems (self-worth, health, money, etc.) so I came up with a comprehensive plan of action of how to turn myself into a better person (my latest idea of how to make time pass by faster until I finally bite the dust). It basically involves reducing my free time to zero so that I won't have any time to get bored or to do stupid things that I will regret later on. Also, my plan will vastly reduce the opportunities to spend my hard-earned cash so that I will finally be able to save some money for when Company X finally fires me for being incompetence.

My future daily schedule:
  • Get up earlier to go jogging in the nearby Parc Cinquantenaire while listening to language lesson tapes
  • Go to work, drink at least 3 liters in the office to get better skin and more frequent breaks due to bathroom visits.
  • Eat a sandwich + salad/fruit for lunch
  • Do some more jogging after work while listening to more foreign language tapes*.
  • Go to bed early to reduce the times I fall asleep during meetings with more senior co-workers (a term that includes everybody except for the interns** at my company)

    * By then, I should have learnt to carry a basic conversation about how I don't really speak any Dutch in Dutch from the lesson that I listened to in the morning.
    ** It's nice to know that while I might be the bottom of the executive food chain (plankton so to speak), at least I'm not one of the empty rusty soda cans floating in the middle of the ocean.

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  • Saturday, May 14, 2005

    Feeling too old for my age
    Chatting with my brother:
    Me: So what are you doing tonight?
    My little brother: My laundry... if I find a garbage bag.
    Me: What?! [reminiscing] Oh, right... student life!

    Feeling too young for my age
    I had to reschedule my brunch with a friend to half an hour later because putting on some pantyhose proved to be a more challenging task than I thought.

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    Monday, May 09, 2005

    Spring has left its marks on me as well
    Since TF left for his new job in Amsterdam, I have to eat my microwave dinners all by myself. Short story short: After a couple of beers on Wednesday night, I thought it would be a good idea to call TF on his Dutch cell phone to tell him that I miss him.
    TF: Hello?
    Me: Hi, how are you? Well, I'm just calling because ...
    TF: Oh, hey! It's you. [jokingly] I already missed you.

    After that, the "I missed you, too." did not come out quite right and I had the most expensive chat about work ever. Some goddess of love, however, thought that I deserved a second chance and she arranged for TF to come to Brussels on Sunday. During a dinner with some friends, we got to talk a little.
    TF: It was nice of you to call me on Wednesday.
    Me: Oh, that was just because I was drunk.

    I think Meg Ryan will play me in the romantic movie.

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    Sunday, May 08, 2005

    No birds and bees, please
    Spring is starting to scare me. Hormones tamper with the brain functions of some young lads who then think that every girl is hot for them unless she shoves them a drink into their face in the first ten seconds of their encounter. Wearing glasses again and combing my hair with curlers (I forgot my hairbrush at a friend's) doesn't bring the spring fever of some really myopic guys to a halt either, so I will stay put at home until fall. I should use the extra free time to go to bed early but I have the weirdest dreams lately. Last night, I dreamt that purgatory was a Disneyland style amusement park on a tropical island. This is sounds a lot better than the life that I currently have. Time to get baptized?

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    Tuesday, May 03, 2005

    Barely enough time to watch a movie
    Nobody is getting any younger, a fact that I feel every time when I stretch in my bed and my collarbones crack (the latest addition to my morning symphony of old bones). Over are the times where I could reach my toes with stretched legs and when I could eat 4 bigmacs in a food bet before I got sick.

    But what is worst about the progressing decay of my mortal shell is that I now need a good night's rest in order to function. I used to pull all-nighters and write exams that I'd pass on the next day (probably because the TAs would have had to be able to read my sleep-deprived handwriting to fail me). Now I can't keep a single coherent thought in my head without a minimum of 8 hours' rest. However, the day has only 24 hours and when I spend most of them working, 2 of them sitting in a bus either going or leaving work and 8 sleeping, I have one and a half hours of free time left. But only because I don't count hitting the shower as leisure time. Men might...

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