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Friday, February 28, 2003

For those who noticed that I sometimes confuse blue and green in a conversation: Der bluene Ozean. I never knew that there were so many languages that made no difference between the two colors. My eyes seem to be fine though (except for myopia), in my case it must be a pure language thing.

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Thursday, February 27, 2003

The evils of smoking
I almost spit out my lungs today and I might go running again tomorrow. I should start reading "The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner" by Alan Sillitoe to get in the mood for it.

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I thought this name sounded like some kind of baked good. I was wrong. It turns out that there’s a sandwich spread and other food associated with this name. And here I found out about Rosinella personalities.
Unlike Rosinella, my name seems to predestine a pretty dull person. Oh well, what could I have expected: my Vietnamese name translates into “the Quiet and Peaceful”....something you’d write on a tombstone.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Got my daily mail from Merriam-Webster
For those who like using German words in English in order to sound intellectual.
The Word of the Day for Feb 26 is:
weltanschauung \VELT-ahn-show-ung ("ow" as in "cow")\ (noun, often capitalized)
: a comprehensive conception or apprehension of the world especially from a specific standpoint

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After an hour of reading several lists on phobias I still was not able to find the fear of the „feeling when somebody bites into fabric, especially towels“. The scientists obviously were fed up after having to name the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one’s mouth and fear of knees. Strangely enough, I don’t only know one person having this unnamed phobia but two of them. They developed this phobia separately from each other (probably during childhood). Later on, they discovered having this phobia in common while doing the dishes and looking at the dishtowel. Bad luck for them that I also was there drying dishes. Since then, I enjoy playfully sucking on my sleeve or biting on a napkin in their presence.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

TV defines me
What I found out during my last chat with JS:
TV characters...
... I resemble: Daria (MTV), Asuka (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Monica (Friends)
... I would like to be: Dharma (Dharma & Greg)
... I would hate to be: Joey (Dawson’s Creek), Charlotte (Sex and the City), Phoebe (Charmed)

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Update of my blog
Hurray, a touch of individuality on this template and interactive features (marketing lingo for new logo, email and guestbook). Thanks to 883 who does the dirty work. So now that I've given you the opportunity, TALK TO ME! And visit the links, I will add more as time goes by.

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On the phone with San Francisco
TS: Oh, the police is outside.
Me: As long as they didn’t come to take you away...
TS: They’re talking to this guy in the alley. He was lurching on the streets, they told him to go away some time ago... Now he’s just lying in the corner. He looks normal...just kinda drunk. Now, they’re checking his ID. Why do they want to see his neck?
Me: In order to check for vampire bites?
TS: What drug could you possibly inject into your neck?
Me: Heroin?
TS: You know, in Germany they'd just have asked for his address and driven him home.

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Monday, February 24, 2003

Weird dream: The siesta
I paint socialist paintings for a dictator on an isle that looks like Cuba and star in a quiz show. I fall asleep in Cuba lookalike but the dictator, who by the way isn’t a Fidel Castro lookalike, wakes me up and we have to escape from angry peasants. Falling asleep in a dream really confuses me because I can’t keep track on which level of unreality I am.

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Resolution #1: Starting our own band
While listening to "The Fat Cat Sandwich" in a pub, K. and I decided to have our own band. He plays the guitar, I play the piano, my boy-friend plays the trumpet and TJ plays the sax. So stardom is only a bass player, a drummer and a lead singer away.

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Sunday, February 23, 2003

Glad I didn’t go
Yesterday I stayed home while my friends decided to have a drink in one of the oldest pubs in England. They ended up not going there. Instead, they went to a local pub they’d never gone to before. It turned to be filled with weirdos. They tried to finish their beers so they could leave. However, they weren’t drinking fast enough for not being mooned by a chubby guy three times. The girls looked away but K. (male) said he had an eye painted on each buttock.

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Observations from the kitchen # 2
In the urge of decorating the oil-dripping kitchen, I ripped out two pages out of the Cosmopolitan and put them on the freezer. They display naked chefs covering their privates with salad bowls and aprons. Nobody cares about the unimaginative recipes. However, it’s embarrassing that someone thought it necessary to add an underline saying “Gorgeous Brian prefers salads the way he likes his ladies – well dressed and very, very tasty”. The well deserved punishment for him/her: to be beaten senseless with a dildo from Cosmo’s secret dildo storeroom.

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Saturday, February 22, 2003

Observations from the kitchen # 1
Three of my four flatmates seem to live on huge amounts of oil and stuff that they fry or drown in it. Then they make tortillas out of that. I once grabbed into a large puddle of oil at the stove mistaking it to be water. Reflecting on their abnormal eating behavior, I take my microwave potato wedges in BBQ sauce out of the microwave.

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Abandoned babies
After having read the fantastic works of mightygirl.net I decided that getting my own blog is a great idea. Unlike my good old friend JS, I will not wait conceptualizing the perfect blog that will define me; I'll just start right away without any concept nor any clue.

It's 4 a.m. and I am hooked on diet coke and waiting for all the buddies I would like to chat with who live in a time zone different from mine. If I continue messing with my biorythm, I will feel no jetlag when I land in San Francisco next month (which would be great). If I continue messing with my biorythm, I will constantly fall asleep in my lectures (which I already do).
There's hope that I'll have more stamina for this little baby than for all the other projects that I took up and then forgot about them soon as I lost interest.

  • I started watching the Formula 1 for all the excitement but ended up falling asleep after an hour.
  • I started reading "Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist" (four years ago) in order to appreciate the depth of Joyce and left it at my parents' house so that I would never see it again.
  • I started wearing all black for style purposes but ended up buying beige corduroys and bright colored shirts and sweaters.
  • I started playing Populous but I never got past building the fifth house.
  • Most recently: I started learning Indonesian three weeks ago and even bought a "Teach Yourself" book; by now I've reduced my learning to reading some of the Indonesian subtitles of the "Friends" VCDs I bought in Jakarta. Still, I keep on learning a new word every other day, so not all hope's lost.

    I love all my babies...but I abandon them after a while. One day I will be a terrible mother.

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