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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Yesterday the meat, today a plumber who's singing the French version of "My way" in my kitchen: Mornings are just not my time of the day
It made a weird start of the day to step into meat on my way to work on Friday. There's no way someone could just have lost an unwrapped, raw pork chop in the middle of the sideway so the most plausible explanation I've come up with involves a butcher with a penchant for cross-dressing:
The butcher sleepwalks through the shop, bumps into a table, meat falls down, he step onto it, the pork chop gets caught in his left high heel. When he awakens from the crisp morning air*, he finds himself in the middle of the streets with an old lady turning the corner. It's of major interest for the butcher not to be seen by Madame Dupont who buys a veal escalope in his shop every Friday, so he flees. Running in high heels is hard enough without dead animal attached to your shoes. And that's how the meat got onto the street.

*Garters and a bra do not make a good winter outfit, especially when combined with a see-through negligee only.

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Friday, November 26, 2004

I am just kidding, please don't fire me
If the head of my department thinks that boring us out of our wits for three hours before letting us hurt each other willfully will build team spirit, so be it. First we had three hours of powerpoint presentations, went karting and afterwards had dinner. It was the first time I drove a motorized vehicle for longer than five minutes since passing my driver's license in July and it didn't inspire me with great confidence in my driving skills. Instead, I got bumped into the whole time, mostly by the senior managers that wanted to overtake me, the über-boss being the most ruthless of them all. It's not very hard to jump to conclusions about what kind of behavior is needed in order to land executive positions.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I might get hypothermia and die, now that it's winter
So I'm actually drinking as much water as possible at my desk, not because it's good for my health but because it's free and enables me to take bathroom breaks in between endless hours of staring at my computer screen. UV-purified water would be quite a harmless pastime if it weren't for my inability to handle even the smallest things in life like, let's say, drinking from a squirt-top water bottle. If it weren't for my all-black wardrobe, I'd be having wet T-shirt contests every day.

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Guacamole, anybody?
Going to a sushi bar can hold only so many charms for someone who generally despises sea food. One of them, however, is wasabi. Another one is the entertainment that goes with it. One of my colleagues was willing to eat a teaspoonful of wasabi for the 10€ reward I offered. He then tried a dab on his sushi, went red and called the whole thing off. Now my other colleagues think I'm a bad person who gets her amusement out of other people's suffering without me actually seeing anything fun. At least my sinuses are cleared now.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

First I wanted to tell you how I almost got killed by an almond this morning but then I ran out of coherence... I'm so tired that I feel drunk
I wanted to eat my way through the fridge but all I have left in the kitchen are instant soups. I know better than trying to gulp down hot liquids with the enthusiasm needed for bingeing. Off to bed with an empty stomach.

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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sunday and a world of nausea
I can say that I have successfully avoided being grown up this weekend: Fragmented memories of yesterday night that center foosball and 16 shakers full of drinks with amusing names. It would have been helpful to know that "Happy Hour" means "buy one, get one free", not "half price off" in that bar before we ordered.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

What kind of holiday is Armistice supposed to be anyway?
I'm showing symptoms of being disgustingly organized. Today I went for a jog, cleaned my entire apartment, sorted my personal documents, did my laundry, created an excel file with my monthly expenses plus I'm going to bed early tonight. That is why I'm currently shaking from excitement withdrawal. The shaking could also be caused by the turned-off heating but I like the first version better. It gives me a reason to avoid more grown up stuff this weekend.

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Shopping adventures
Captain Chaos is visiting for the weekend and managed to give me a medium-sized fright when I opened the door. He had mentioned something in the line of getting a haircut but the Mohawk he was sporting was totally unexpected.

You know the saying about the book and the cover? I'd write it down properly but this weekend my mental abilities are reduced to a puddle of rain as demonstrated by the fact that a woman had to shoo me from her changing cubicle yesterday. How was I supposed to know that she was using it without her actually being inside? Well, maybe the big pile of clothes in the cubicle could have been an indicator but, oh well...

While I was busy in the changing cubicle of a preppy shop, a sales girl was folding sweaters behind the Captain. When she thought he wasn't noticing, she gave his hair (or rather the absence of it?) a depreciatory look. Apparently, the concept of mirrors is hard to grasp for people who have to wear fluffy pink wool sweaters as work clothes.

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Saturday, November 06, 2004

The pleasure of living alone
The Non-Expert: Roommate

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Ignoring world news, focusing on my cold (watching CNN only makes me sicker)
Feeling slightly better due to lots of meds. Aspirin Plus C, sore throat lozenges, vitamin pills... With my current vitamin C intake, it's a wonder that I don't piss orange juice. I have to stop using Vicks VapoRub though, it gives me funky dreams.

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Traveling's like eating at McDonald's. You know that your stomach will be in pain for hours after swallowing the last bite of processed meat and special sauce but every now and then you have to buy another BigMac to remind yourself why you don't go there more often.

I visited a friend over the weekend. External circumstances (in this case personified by an obnoxious guy who was also staying at my friend's place over the weekend) prevented it from being a relaxing, calm weekend with a visit to the Musée d'Orsay and good talks. Basically I went to Paris to make hours of small talk and getting a bad cold. This will hopefully teach me for the next time I try to do something in the line of leaving Brussels. The learning effect usually doesn't last long though. I might stay out of France for the next few weeks but my craving for a BigMac is undiminished.

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